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Discover our new herbal tea boxes


The arrival of spring is marked by the House's latest creation: the Bouquet de Manon herbal tea box. A herbal tea many customers look forward to! A blend of lemon, sweet mint and licorice, enjoy a cup of sunny flavors, ideal at the end of a meal, both hot and iced for the summer!.


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Let you go to the pleasure

Of tea tasting

A few tips for preparing tea, without snobbery, but with just the right amount of knowledge and know-how. For those who think that tea preparation is a ceremonial affair, we prefer to remind you that a good tea is first and foremost a matter of teapot and water, and then a few simple rules are enough.


an ancestral tea

matcha green tea

If we had to name an essential tea among green teas, Matcha tea will certainly have its place in our thoughts. Green tea found in powder form, Matcha stands out from other classic teas thanks to its unique characteristics that we invite you to discover....


Betjeman & Barton Tea Bar

The first tea bar in the capital

This high place of tasting with a touch of Parisian chic and British fantasy welcomes tea time initiates and novices just a few steps from the Cirque d'hiver.


Betjeman & Barton

For 100 years, Betjeman and Barton has been offering a wide range of quality teasherbal teas and infusions: green teas, black teas, oolong, rooibos, herbal teas, fruit infusions... Over its century of existence, the company has become a true institution, where refinement and creativity reign supreme.

We select the finest leaves and offer you rare and exceptional teas. Our fragrant blends are created in France. You will find flavours and Signature blends, a true work of goldsmith that combines distinction and originality.

A large assortment of accessories, teapots and hampers have made Betjeman and Barton's reputation, which is now well known in France and beyond. We have also been accompanying the greatest Palaces for decades, creating teas and herbal teas cards especially for them. It would even seem that some Princes are our regulars...