Creating without abandoning, sharing without compelling. Betjeman & Barton is more than a century-old name – it is a brand of excellence tinged with originality.

For many years Betjeman & Barton relied on men with an entrepreneurial spirit who established the company’s reputation and the credentials of tea “à la française».
These celebrated tea masters found the best teas from the world’s greatest tea gardens and plantations.

The fortunes of the company were then taken in hand by remarkable ladies who managed the business with inventiveness, determination and elegance.
They enhanced the excellence by introducing an originality that never abandoned the long-standing tradition, an originality seen in gourmand, muted, joyous, out-of–the ordinary or daring touches to offer tea lovers nothing but the best.

The quatuor

Throwing normal practices to the wind, Agnès, Katherine, Laurence and Mariane gave Betjeman & Barton a new look. Drawing inspiration from the logo “Paris tea merchants since 1919”, they extended the selection of blends to attract new tea lovers.

This female dominance is a natural development in the history of Betjeman & Barton, which was never afraid to innovate, sometimes at the risk of shocking.

Agnès Defontaine, is at home in the best circles where the order of the day is luxury and refinement. She gives free rein to her sensitivity and leadership to develop the heritage of Betjeman and Barton.

Her favourite tea is Black tea Yunnan Dian Hong

Katherine Gregory, has been in charge of the artistic side of the business for more than 20 years. She concentrates on satisfying the requirements of lovers of new trends, sensations and fashions, such as the unusually shaped eccentric teapots, much sought after by collectors.

Her favourite tea is China Green Tea Pi Lo Chun

Laurence Miletti, with an atypical experience and energy to share. She will receive you in her tearoom like at home. The hospitality has no secret for this woman of action.

Her favourite tea is Japan tea Gyokuro

Last but not least : Mariane Pinto, our fourth pillar; a well-tempered character to give impetus to our lovely company

Her favourite tea is Infusion de fruits Bambou