Perfume and mood, drinking and seasons, time and flavours, the most precious teas in the world are worthless if they do not suit your palate. Full-bodied, light, smoked or scented – there is a tea for each hour of the day and night. It is up to you to choose, depending on the time and mood.


If you like plain tea, choose a full-bodied blend such as Breakfast Royal, unless you prefer a lighter tea such as Darjeeling.

If you like a dash of milk, you may prefer a racy Assam such as the Greenwood.

For those who eat a hearty breakfast with eggs, cheese or cooked meats, we recommend a lightly or strongly smoked China tea, such as the China Imperial Gold.. 

If you are organising a brunch (a late breakfast which is more like a full meal) among family or friends, you can provide a selection of teas to suit individual tastes.

Tea time

Tea-time opens up the widest selection of teas: with the exception of the most full-bodied, all teas are ideal for this moment in the day.

Some people prefer a Darjeeling or green tea to go with a cake or biscuit, whereas others opt for a scented tea with notes of citrus or other fruit, such as Blue Mountain.

For those who wish to take a typically Indian break, add a slice of untreated orange to your tea. Unlike lemon which destroys the flavour of the tea, orange brings out the flavour, as shown by our famous Pouchkine tea.


What would you say to a cup of light tea after your dinner?

A Formosa Grand Oolong or a scented tea such as the Pomme d’Orange add a delicate touch to the end of an evening.

Or you could choose a rooibos (red bush) such as the Rooibos Muffin, just like a bilberry cake in a cup, or the less sweet Rooibos Jardin Rouge scented with flowers, strawberry, vanilla and grapefruit.

Special moments

Teas are like the great wines: they can be enjoyed throughout the year and enjoyed in different ways, depending on the season.

The Christmas Tea will warm you at Christmas with its caramel, orange and maraschino flavours whereas the Eden Rose is ideal for drinking on balmy summer days.

Not to mention teas such as the sweetly orange scented “Une journée à la campagne” (a day in the country), the raspberry, jasmine orange and Ylang-Ylang scented “Parlez-moi d’amour” (speak to me of love ) and the aptly named “Jour de Fête” (party day) with its combination of fruit, flowers and spices)...