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Savour the moment of tasting. A few tips on how to make tea, without being snooty but the essence of what you need to know and how you need to do it. Some people may think that making tea is a ceremony, but we prefer to say that a good cup of tea requires a teapot and water and the application of a few simple rules.

The teapot

An unassuming teapot in terra cotta, cast iron or porcelain is ideal. You should use a terra cotta teapot for one particular family of tea to prevent a conflict between flavours.
Have one teapot for classic teas, one for smoked teas and a third for scented teas.
It is not necessary to wash your teapot: just rinse it in clean water and dry it after use.
Whenever possible avoid using tea balls and use a strainer instead to give the tea leaves more room to swell.


As tea is an infusion, the quality of the water plays an important role.
However, there is no problem about using tap water.
If the tap water is too highly chlorinated (the water must be inodorous when it is boiling), it is better to use spring water rather than mineral water.
In any case, do not use water filters which tend to “flatten” the flavour of the tea.

Golden rules

Five golden rules for making tea:
1.Warm the teapot with boiling water (the tea will release its scent more freely).
2. Put a teaspoonful of tea per cup plus one for the pot.
3. Pour the water on to the tea when it is just starting to simmer, adjusting the temperature for the type of tea.
4. Leave to brew (the length of time depends on the tea and the way you like it) For semi-fermented teas, about 7 minutes For whole leaf teas, about 4 minutes For chopped leaf teas, about 3 minutes For green teas, about 2 minutes
5. Remove the tea and stir before serving.