Betjeman and Barton's Tea Bar

24 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire
75011 Paris

Tél : +33
Fax : +33

Métro 8 : Filles du calvaire

The shop is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 9a.m to 7p.m and on Saturday from 11a.m to 7p.m


This capital of tea degustation with a typical Parisian chic, just a short walk away from the famous Cirque d'Hiver, is waiting for you.

This unique, alternative idea bold to traditional tea rooms, finally offer enthusiasts of this noble beverage the leisure to discover 150 selections from the House, on the spot or to take away.


The Betjeman & Barton tea bar: eclectic elegance and attention to detail...

On the outskirts of the cirque d'hiver, a new storefront seems to encourage passers-by to enjoy privileged moment. From the outside, intriguing light clouds catch the eye... In the transparency of large Windows, they illuminate the two entry more Baroque armchairs upholstered python and ostrich, a prompt for the truce in the heart of this bustling area of creation. You can also enjoy many hot teas and iced teas. And why not start with your delicious 'Tea To Go' a tea to take away perfectly infused...


On the Bar side

Meanwhile, teapots which are exhibited on the grey wall pan seem to echo to 6 samovars lined up behind the counter. In a buildup worthy of an amateur firm lining up eras and influences Byzantine, Moroccan, Siberian or ultra contemporary, these works of art almost ensure perfectly infused teas customers at the ideal temperature, regardless of the time of day. Among the innovations, the House always full of PEP offers each month 2 to 3 new references of bubble tea: a creation patented sparkling tea iced.