Darjeeling Ambootia White with Saffron

Darjeeling  dedicated to the Tea House Betjeman and Barton

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We add it 10gr of saffron by kilo. The saffron is cultivated and collected by hand directly in the plantation. A magnificent alliance entirely Made in Ambootia.

  • Origin : India
  • Colour : White Tea
  • Grade : Superior
  • Appearance : Pale green entire small leaves + pistils of saffron
  • Water Temperature : 80°C
  • Aromas : Very fresh notes with an excellent lingering in mouth and a final bouquet of saffron.

- Darjeeling  dedicated to Betjeman and Barton Tea House -

Darjeeling tea which recipe has been created especially for our Tea House! This white tea is the fruit of several months collaboration with our favourite Darjeeling garden, the garden of Ambootia.

According to our Tea Masters, saffron gives even more antioxidants as well as a very aromatic lingering taste.

This white tea comes from a "reasoned" plantation, where all the work is made manually. The garden of Ambootia, situated on the slopes of Himalaya, is ahead of its time on the biodynamic field and on ecological culture. 

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