How do I properly prepare my tea ?

We have created several pages on our site to help you prepare your tea properly. Find on our page Preparing tea the golden rules to prepare your tea in the rules of the art. We have also prepared video tutorials to guide you in making hot tea and iced tea.

How many cups can I make with 100g of tea?

For a cup of tea, we recommend infusing 2g of tea which you can measure directly with our teaspoons. With 100g, you can therefore plan to make 50 cups. For fruit and cocoa infusions, we recommend two 2g spoons, i.e. 4g. You can then fill 25 cups.

How to choose my tea?
  1. In the CLASSIC TEAS section, you will find all our black, green, white and other types of unflavoured teas.
  2. In the SCENTED TEAS section, you will find all our blended black, green, white and rooibush teas, combined with flowery tips, citrus peel, aromas, etc.
  3. In the ORGANIC section, you will find all our certified organic black, green and white teas.
  4. In the HERBAL TEA & ORIGINAL INFUSIONS section, you will find all our herbal teas, "fruit water" infusions, seeds to infuse as well as our original COCAO creation.
  5. The ICED TEAS section brings together all the teas to drink both hot and iced in summer.
  6. In the TEA BOXES AND BAGS section you will find our best teas in boxes of 25, 48 or 100 bags.

Also find advice on choosing the best tea for each moment of your day on the pages A tea to your taste and The tea menu.

How do I properly prepare my iced tea?

The key to your iced tea is to cold brew it! Indeed, for 1L of water (preferably spring), count 10g of tea. Leave to stand for about 4 hours in the refrigerator, filter your water and enjoy! You can add a few ice cubes, fruits and flowers for aesthetics or to reinforce the notes present! All the teas we offer at Betjeman and Barton can be consumed both hot and cold. You can still find our selection of bestsellers in the “Iced teas” category. Very low in caffeine, iced tea brings the whole family together! And if you don't have time to infuse for 4 hours, consider our Malesherbes and Pouchkine tea syrups! Line the bottom of your glass with syrup, pour some very cold water, a few ice cubes and that's it!

I want to make a gift, what do you recommend?

One of your loved ones loves tea but you don't know how to please him? Here are some ideas to guide you:

  1. The gift card! Nothing could be simpler, offer the possibility of having fun on the entire website! Choose the amount of your gift, the design of the card, add a note and voila!
  2. Customizable boxes! Compose your box as you wish and introduce your loved one to several products!
  3. Tea boxes: in bags, in bulk or both, offer the best of tea to those who matter to you!
  4. Exceptional gifts: Japanese cast iron teapots and precious wood tea cellars!

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