How are the teas flavored ?

At Betjeman and Barton, teas and infusions are only naturally flavored. We use flowers, fruits, spices and herbs as much as we can. Some flavors that are more difficult to obtain, or preserve in their natural state, are replaced by essential oils, which are also natural.

Are there any organic tea ?

Betjeman and Barton offer a range of ORGANIC teas, herbal teas and infusions from organic farming. We are certified FR-BIO-01 by the Eco-cert organization. Click here to find our selection of organic teas, and here to find our organic infusions

I can't find my tea, is it still available ?

Unfortunately, if you cannot find your tea on our website, it is because it is not available. However, you can activate an alert by entering your e-mail address at the bottom of the product’s page. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service by email or by phone +33 1 39 75 28 87 in order to get an alternative.

How and how long can I store my tea?

Tea should be stored in a dry place, away from air and light, ideally in a metal box (see our empty tea boxes). The bags in which your teas are packaged before being sent are transport bags. They are not intended to preserve them over the long term. 

The date of conservation or UBD (Best Before Date) is indicated on each product (tea, herbal tea, infusion, grocery) sent by the House. This information is also valid for herbal teas and infusions.

Where can I find the information on allergens ?

You will find information about allergens directly on the product’s page. These are written in bold and underlined.

How and where are Betjeman and Barton's teas produced ?

All of Betjeman and Barton's products are packaged in France. Although our teas come from all over the world, it is in France that we imagine and shape our teas: sorting, checking, blending and packaging the leaves, flowers and fruits. It is important for us to preserve this French refinement and delicacy. All our packaging is also produced in small regional companies, whose work and values are corresponding to those we defend.

Are the tea bags compostable ?

Yes ! Our bags have been made from corn starch (PLA). Thus, they are 100% industrially compostable..

Are the teas in the bags the same as the loose teas ?

Yes! The tea that we put on our teabags is exactly the same that we are proposing as loose tea. We are not breaking the leaves, which explains why some teas like our oolong teas, whose leaves need to develop, are not available in bags.

Can I receive samples ?

In each order, we offer you samples. These samples are nevertheless chosen by us and cannot be personalized. However, if you wish to discover some of our teas in small quantities, we invite you to visit our tasting offer and to create your discovery pack.

I want ot make a gift, what do you recommend ?

Several possibilities are available. To make someone happy, you can opt for a gift card. Choose the design, the amount and the way of sending your card and let the lucky person enjoy it. Discover also our beautiful tea boxes, customizable boxestea sets or exceptional gifts and find the perfect gift.

The order received is not what I ordered. What should I do ?

In case of non-conformity of the received order, we invite you to contact directly our customer service by email. In order for your request to be processed as quickly as possible, please attach your order number to your message as well as photos of the products in question (overview of the product, product label, etc.). Complaints made between Monday and Thursday will be processed the same day, or at the latest the following day, and those received on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday or Tuesday.