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Green tea with Goji and Acaï berries

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The newcomer in our collection of well-being teas!

  • Origin : China
  • Colour : Green Tea
  • Grade : Superior
  • Appearance : Beautiful blend of leaves and flowers
  • Water Temperature : 80°C
  • Brewing time : 2-3 min
  • Aromas : Goji and Acaï

- Green tea with Goji and Acaï berries -

This green tea belongs to our collection of Well-being teas. It offers a brand new taste, bewitching, very refreshing and fruity.

This green tea allies two natural products well-known for their benefits on health: the Tree of Life (Acaï) and the Key to eternal youth (Goji berries). We have added apple bits, rose petals and hibiscus flowers to obtain an extremely delicious liquor that will give you the longing to "live the beautiful things of life"...